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Don’t Say Philadelphians “get what they deserve” Unless You Can Tell Us How To Undo 70 Years Of Corrupt Government

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A trope in politics is saying that voters "get what they deserve." Now that Krasner will be re-elected (since there is no real Republican opposition) it's time to tell the truth. We do not deserve…

Shaun King Peddles Krasner To Philadelphians, Is Met With Democrat “Intimidation” Tactics

| Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia | No Comments
Everybody knows Shaun King tries to peddle his brand to anybody that will listen. He is known for jumping in the fray talking about George Floyd early on, where he a) originally falsely claimed it…

Philadelphia Health Commissioner Kills Two Stories With One Lie

| Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia | No Comments
Tom Farley is about to help the city of Philadelphia cover up some ancient history as well as a big chunk of their most recent debacles from 2020. If you don't know who this guy…

How The PA GOP Stole The 2020 Election For Joe Biden

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The PA GOP stole the 2020 Presidential election. They did so with a combination of the most expert level corruption and absolutely stunning ineptitude. This process began during the Democrat primary, and was laid to…