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Al Schmidt, RINO Leaving Office In Shame

Al Schmidt Covers Up Election Fraud As He Quits Before Getting Charged

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For the TL;DR crowd, you can read my previous work covering what Al Schmidt (and other PA Democrats) covered up in last year's election: Philly Election Officials Actually Ignored Corruption After It Was ObviousElection Fraud’s…
Will Bunch Is A Bitch Ruining Philadelphia Media

This Diverse Group Of Women Is Destroying Philadelphia One Risky Lie At A Time

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In this post I'll be introducing you to the women who are ruining Philadelphia. I routinely criticize the city of Philadelphia government. Right now the most senior positions are all occupied by men (if you…
Philly Press Are Blinded By Their Political Ideology

Philly News Organizations Looked The Other Way On Human Trafficking

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For the TL;DR version of this story just read my coverage from last year about the human trafficking at Von Colln park. After I uncovered that it was an occupation of people pretending to be…
The Police Don't Catch Crimes Of Complicity

The New American Civil War: Crimes Of Complicity

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You have to understand crimes of complicity if you want to understand the New American Civil War. The first thing you have to know is that complicity is a crime in Pennsylvania. I'm sure there…