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How The PA GOP Stole The 2020 Election For Joe Biden

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The PA GOP stole the 2020 Presidential election. They did so with a combination of the most expert level corruption and absolutely stunning ineptitude. This process began during the Democrat primary, and was laid to…

PA GOP Member Says “There is no more rule of law in Pennsylvania”

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The collapse of the PA GOP has been brewing for months now. Possibly years, depending on who you ask. I spoke with a member of the PA state legislature recently and he used some very…

Anonymous Philly PD Officer Says, “This city is run by extremists.”

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A city run by extremists will abuse its citizens mercilessly. Yesterday I met a Philly PD officer who I'll call "Officer S." Or "S" for short. S and I had a very brief but impactful…

Naked Ballots Will Decide The Philly DA Election

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The Philly DA election is a big deal in the city right now. Homicides are up 32% so far over last year, with a total of 145. That is only the number they have reported,…