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Naked Ballots Are Ugly, These Statues Are Beautiful

Naked Ballots In Philly Are About To Become Odd History

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Russ Diamond. I received an email today from one of the Pennsylvania House GOP representatives: Russ Diamond, of Lebanon, PA. This was in response to my most recent article Election Fraud's Strange Cheesy Tradition In…

Election Fraud’s Strange Cheesy Tradition In Philly & Scandal’s Prophesy

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Election fraud happens. It has happened in the past. It will happen in the future. To act like it's been eradicated is foolish. Or a political act. It happened in the 2020 Presidential election. Absolutely.…
PG Howie Confronting Philly PD At Kenney's Girlfriend's House

Mayor Kenney Proven To Be Petrified Turkey By Protestors

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In case you missed it, a few Philadelphia residents had Mayor Jim "Crow" Kenney hiding like a Thanksgiving turkey today. You won't hear about this on the local news. Our press is unlikely to report…
Tom Wolf Is A Criminal That Must Be Stopped

Report Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf To The FTC Immediately

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TL;DR version is - you should report Pennsylvania's governor Wolf to the FTC to hold him to account for wasting taxpayer money on producing, distributing, and starring in mail-in voting propaganda. I will show you…