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Define Your Public Relations Business Strategy

By June 28, 2019 No Comments

Do You Have A Clear Public Relations Business Strategy?

First you might want to ask yourself, “what does a clear public relations business strategy look like?” Second you may think, “how can I execute a PR strategy if I don’t have money to hire somebody?” Third you could conclude, “this is too complicated I’m just going to go back to direct selling again!” That is a typical pattern for a lot of business owners. Marketing has so many facets it can be difficult to keep up with all of them. However, having a well defined strategy for your business to get PR is very valuable.

A Good Public Relations Business Strategy Has Some Definite Benefits

  1. Creates An Indirect Connection With Your Prospects
  2. Can Create Pressure For Pushing Through Public Bids Or Projects
  3. Gives People A Chance To Make Up Their Own Mind

The Power Of Indirect Connection

When you directly prospect somebody for sales, you can create a strong connection. In the end, though, most people want to make their own mind up and don’t like the notion of being convinced by a sales person. If you have a solid PR strategy people will hear about you from outside sources. When you become a conversation piece it is easier to close those sales. In fact, eventually you will create inbound leads or sales prospects because of the buzz you create. Once you reach saturation you’ll need to work on maintaining interest within your niche and then expanding your coverage. But that’s down the road!

Creating Pressure For Public Bids Or Projects

If you’re not involved in public bids this is not relevant. On the other hand, if you work with your city or state or federal government, having your name “out there” can definitely help. Especially when there are restrictions on how you submit bids (blind or to anonymous email addresses of people you don’t know). This is not necessarily going to drive leads, and it might not have you directly win the business. But a lack of PR can certainly hurt you if you’re not top of mind when the purchasing department makes decisions.

Let People Make Up Their Own Mind

Part of the allure of direct communication is the illusion of control. In theory, you can restrict what information somebody has access to. You can direct the conversation in whatever way you want. In contrast, when somebody gets information about you from a 3rd party they do so without you present.

That allows people to be more free to make up their own minds. While you won’t have as much control over how they receive you, it will likely result in more accurate information. When people feel free to make up their own mind they are going to be more open to being honest. That can help you improve.

PR Is Risky, But Worth It

If you’re new to it, then ease your way into it. Not everybody or every business is going to be newsworthy on a daily basis. That being said, other people are such personalities that anything they do becomes a dominant news cycle. You’re not going to know which one you are unless you give it a shot. Remember that PR is not a silver bullet but it can definitely help you take and make more shots.