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The wheels of the brand go round & round…

Rebranding strategy can be tricky. There are a lot of emotions that get wrapped up into a brand. That is a good thing. It means that brand assets hold a lot of power. Your name, logo, and the other creative expressions of your brand are paramount to communicating your message.

However, it is the underlying philosophy of your brand that should inform what creative direction to take.

Be guided by your values and principles rather than following trends in design. You should be aware of trends because they can show insight but they are not the gospel.

“Beginner Mind” For Rebranding

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There is a concept in zen meditation called the beginning mind. When you start out doing something you know nothing about it. Everything is foreign. Confusing. Eventually you gain a sense of accomplishment or understanding. After a little bit of time you may begin taking things for granted. The most mundane or routine elements of your business, for example. Having a beginner’s mind means that you are able and willing to assume you know nothing about a subject, in order to gain truly new understanding. That is the place where real invention and creativity comes from! It is very exciting as well. However simple that may sound, it is incredibly difficult for some to do. So part of our process is to facilitate conversations that allow you to experience this beginner’s mind; no matter how experienced you are in your industry.

Stabs In Darkness

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Watch your back when brands attack!

Since we begin with a beginner’s mind, we are usually completely blind at first. Okay, so we’re not completely blind, and having a truly beginner’s mind can be unnerving or unnecessary in the context of a rebrand. In fact with a lot of our clients we have deep industry knowledge ourselves.

We are not going to discount that or invalidate it in any way. Certain concrete elements of a business are not going to be investigated with the same level of rigor. On the other hand – we will at times question things that seem obvious to most people.

This often leads us to question things nobody else saw before. As we look into the darkness of our own lack of understanding, glimmers of light begin to emerge.

The further we traverse together, the more we all begin to learn about your company. Your company’s brand is actually not yours. It has to belong outside of you – in the dominion of this ephemeral concept.


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Ignore me once, shame on you…

No I don’t mean “start with your why.” I mean we ask that question a lot. We ask all kinds of questions and many times our clients respond surprisedly, “Wow…that’s a great question.” These questions come from that beginner’s mind combined with our deep industry knowledge and understanding.

This is what allows us to provide rebranding services across industries from software technology to commercial lighting and educational institutions. It can’t be understated how important this is. We do not have a cookie cutter solution. A process like this for rebranding is a structure that allows us to gather the information we need to make the best creative direction decisions.

Middle-Out Approach For Rebranding

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It was a long and winding road but by the time they got there it was all worth it.

Have you seen the HBO show “Silicon Valley” before? It’s a fantastic and hilarious show, especially if you’re familiar with tech, venture capital, or California entrepreneurs in general. Long story short, they make an algorithm that compresses files “middle-out” which is the most efficient method. Our process for rebranding and in fact all strategy is to work in a similar capacity. Rather than going strictly top down or bottom up, we dive right in wherever there is an opening. That means we look at your website, collateral, social media, sales reports, quarterly/annual reports, interview employees, talk to customers, etc. The exact order of operations at this stage can be erratic at times but that chaos is what allows us to work so fast.

We thrive under these kinds of circumstances which result in brands being positioned to dominate their niche or expand into new categories. At the end of the day a rebranding process is middle-out and inside-out. As I said before, we need to look into your company culture, the values and principles you’re founded on, and then work our way out to the marketing and product to make sure everything is aligned. You do not need to exist for some altruistic purpose, though that’s always a plus. If your company’s purpose is to make the best damn fishing poles out there and make a lot of money in the process – rock on! If you sell printer toner in order to raise money for cleaning up the ocean – awesome!

End Transmission

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If there is a miscommunication you may have your wires crossed.

After all is said and done, we will create a new brand identity or refresh your existing one. The net result will be a more unified team, well educated customers, and confidence on the executive board. We are committed that our rebranding clients get a lot more value than just new design assets. If there is not a brand positioning strategy that makes sense from your industry’s perspective also – how can you be sure it will matter in the end? Reach out if you have any rebranding needs – we’re always here to listen.t