Looking for search engine optimization best practices? Would you like to read an article about that as somebody is rapping it? Since you didn’t know you always wanted that I tackled it. Cages – I rattle them. Other agents I will battle them. I’m a nobody I don’t matter to them. With meta tags we could target and shatter them. Want to hit one out the park – get a batter then.

Step up to the plate – nothing gets in our way – we push through all day – when others say “no way,” we grab all that we can take. Have all that we could make – because it’s a game – so call out another play. Local SEO all across the USA. Said in language that’s simple and plain. Do it so often it’s engrained. The way others stay stagnant is so strange.

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices In List Form

  1. An idea is born

When you think you’ve given your all – give more. No bad ideas when you brainstorm. If you don’t understand ask them to “say more.” Ideas are like seeds some are acorns. Others are made of gold and take more. We like those which are nice and easy like lake shore.

2. Think creatively about your problem

Then confirm that SEO will solve them. A lot of times sales departments get complacent and won’t acknowledge them. They blame marketing and ask that they solve all them. Sometimes these departments fight against each other because you wall them. Other times they don’t know they’re fighting at all cuz – their departments aren’t defined at all then…

3. If SEO is the way to go

Look up the keywords you think you know. Then forget those – pretend they’re always going to be out of reach and go – hunting for another approach. If you can’t find one that would be highly unlikely, though. There are so many ways to solve the same problem unless you already chose. That happens with people who choose shops that only do SEO. If you have to DIY at least use a tool like Yoast.

4. Be consistent – like 3-5 times per week

You can’t really do much getting away with less than 1 at least. The search engine indexing moves forward with great speed. So the less you’re there the more you’re like air – people can’t see. It’s kind of like quicksand actually. There may be no permanent way out but you can pick yourself up in due time accordingly.

You Know It

Hit us up, we’ll show it. Your business – we grow it. That’s our motive.