Search Engine Optimization Price Varies

What’s the situation is it scary? Can you even see the promised land clearly? First of all let me say that search engine optimization price points vary. Do you know who you’re competing against and where we – rank in comparison to them even nearly? Let’s start there.

We ask a lot of questions and they can be very – particular in most cases in our inquiry. Others don’t do their diligence – we’re comfortable getting buried. Gathering so much information you’d think we worked for a secretary. But we don’t get scared.

Then we determine your goals, like generating leads or raising brand awareness. After that we recognize which KPI’s we can measure and check to see if there are any keywords terrorists.

Let me explain that last part since it might sound foreign to you. Your competitors can bid on keywords that are important to you. If they win, people searching for you or your keywords will find them.

Search Engine Optimization Price Exercise

Since everybody’s needs are different giving “forever pricing” or blanket statements as a rule would be unwise. But what I can tell you is that every single time, we need at least a couple weeks to research and go through a whole lotta lines. Beat our brains, wrack our minds. Stop, take a beat, and interview you as well as however many people we can to decide. What the best course will be to design.

Budget about $5,000 and a month. It could be more it could be less.

But that’s the kind of number you and your team should expect.

As of the writing of this article, that is. Our rates have the right to fluctuate.

Plus if you commit to more work over a longer period of time we have room to negotiate.

White Hat Creativity

That’s how we think individually. Uniquely. Discretely. With a white hat on.

If I put a beat to this poem you would love that song. It’s so right despite what’s going on that’s so wrong.

This entire SEOetry thing – it is intended to open you up to new ways of thinking.

Especially if you suffer from common creativity – sinking.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization Price Points

We can charge by article ($500 – $1,250 each on average) or avoid – that kind of itemized approach if you commit to a retainer which is our premier choice. Things in marketing change all the time, and being able to affect your entire budget is more than just an agency’s pride & joy.

It’s because the more we steward the more we can do for – you and yours.

But by all means hit us up and we can explain more.