Good Search Engine Optimization Techniques

They aren’t hard to teach. It’s easy to come up with search engine optimization techniques. This entire piece – that you’re reading so discrete – is such a feat. To my knowledge no one else has tried to do this before me. So even if it’s not wildly successful it’s unique – albeit a little corny.

That first paragraph you just read? I wrote it like that because of what Yoast said.

Somehow or another, though, I can think and write in SEO right off the head.

Then I’m in the flow writing about what I know.

Slowly but surely my content list grows.

New search engine optimization techniques come out every week.

You could read – until your fingers bleed. Typing and swiping – liking like lightning.

Honestly there’s so much information out there it’s exciting. But it’s also kind of frightening.

Who can keep up with the constant changes? Every time Google rearranges – algorithmic spaces.

This is a new piece of marketing if you consider it against what had been done for ages.

Such is life. Roll with the punches or get knocked out twice.

Right? Back to practical information for your site:

See you have to use your keywords phrase in the first paragraph.

If I write the entire thing like poetry the search engines don’t know how to react.

So I have to alter my style a little bit to fit the mold.

Doesn’t matter. Everything I spin turns to gold.

Breaking free from conventions while working within them.

Other people just bitch and complain about the chances they didn’t get.

I’m a poet and I know it so I’ll show it for the dough I get.

Don’t forget. When you need SEO you now know who to go and get.

“SEOetry” is a creative writing experiment by Matt Berman of philly MADE creative. The purpose is to develop a natural ability to speak and write in valuable and authoritative language. As algorithms and software become more able to identify or differentiate, we want to stay ahead of the curve. Please come back frequently. If you are in need of SEO services don’t hesitate to email, call, or find us on social media.