Need help with your strategic planning?

Who’s manning the ship – standing in the repercussions of the damages? During your strategic planning.¬†If no one’s held accountable then you’re likely to mismanage it.¬†People don’t all have the same skills. Some can’t handle it. If you wait too long you’ll end up burning both ends of your candle stick. Staff will get overworked and some will get sick. Eventually, physically is how it manifests.

So avoid that. Don’t worry it’s nothing to get annoyed at. We all slip.

But you need to keep up strategic planning to give direction to the ship.

Generally speaking most companies are needing that outside perspective.

That’s why – love it or hate it – consultants get paid the big chips.

Where are you going? Why? What will you do when you get there?

Those are the kinds of questions to ask or you’re just…there.

What’s fair? Compensation for providing realizations.

It’s hard to prove this is valuable when others sell just air. Or a dogma with rationalizations.

Even something like public relations needs to be guided or it’s just haphazard statements.

Your time is precious and so is mine so I won’t waste it. Before making decisions we debate it.

Love it or hate it. I didn’t start this business in a basement. It started in an attic and my savings.

Cravings – creativity because it’s amazing. Blazing – new trails I’m chasing.

Entrepreneurship may sometimes drive you crazy. When you have no safety.

Still stuck in the ‘net. Bet. Place money down on myself in a sec.

Back to strategic planning again.

Sometimes you have to wander off course to find the right plan.

Don’t cut off brainstorming because some bad ideas are good in the right hands.

Leave ideas alone if you like them. Don’t stay attached to words – write them.

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