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Ben Crump commits barratry to secure clients. This was obvious and clear, and public, with respect to George Floyd’s family members. If you don’t know what barratry is, it’s more commonly referred to as “ambulance chasing.”

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While many people think ambulance chasing accident lawyers are amoral, there is a technical distinction to this activity which makes it illegal as well. The premise is that accident victims and their families are distraught, and easily can be victims themselves. Untrustworthy lawyers and other scammers can take advantage of people while they grieve. That is why in most states in America there are laws which protect people against such a thing. There are different rules per state, but Minnesota definitely has laws against prospecting accident victims before a certain time. That time is definitely not less than 24 hours. Mr. Crump on the other hand boasts that he secured Floyd’s family as a client within less than 18 hours of Floyd being pronounced dead by the medical examiner’s office.

How Barratry Works

It’s simple, really. An accident happens. There are victims and family members of those victims. A lawyer figures out who they are and contacts them or has a proxy (called a “runner” in these cases) contact them. That runner is a type of informant, and they are generally bribed with cash for information. They may not know it is even illegal, but it is. In my research I found that lawyers who commit barratry can and have bribed: EMT’s, police officers, 911 operators, medical examiners, and other officials involved in the death notification process. By the time a lawyer comes swooping in to an accident victim, they can be grateful to have a representative.

Check out this tweet from Ben Crump at 9:13am the following morning, less than 12 hours after Floyd was officially pronounced dead.

This is called “barratry” and it is illegal for attorneys to do.

Here is the tweet confirming that this method on Twitter was successful for Crump.

This is evidence that Crump successfully committed barratry.

Ben Crump also claims he has a 100% victory-rate in Floyd-type cases. So families that are approached by him may be thankful at first. Even though this skips over the official death notification process. Victims’ families are supposed to be informed by uniformed police and sometimes clergy, in person. Even if that means coordinating with a police department in another city or state. That, however, clearly never happened.

Nobody Could Have Known Who Floyd Was At This Time

Floyd gave his name to police, as did the people in the car with him. But he did not have ID on him. There was no way to verify his identity on the scene. FBI fingerprint analysis didn’t come in for days either. So even when he was declared dead, there was no way for anybody to verify who he was. So, ask yourself now, how could Ben Crump have even known who this man was within 12 hours if nobody knew by then? Also, death notifications are supposed to be the next of kin meaning his children. Probably his eldest kid. Certainly not distant cousins on the East Coast who said they didn’t even recognize him when they saw “the video” on CBS This Morning – which was between 8am – 10am at some point.

While this raises some interesting questions about any opportunity to premeditate this event, it’s obvious that Ben Crump commits barratry in this case. You can see the tweet. Even though Crump is known for making media spectacles of these cases which ruins any chance of clean prosecution, nobody has identified this pattern until me.

But Floyd would have been a John Doe at 9:30pm on May 25. Yet somehow or another Ben Crump is able to use Twitter to find a runner that can identify him within 18 hours? Not only that, Crump was also able to, in that time frame, contact Floyd’s distant cousins and retain them as a client. Furthermore, those cousins became the biggest beneficiaries of Floyd’s GoFundMe and recent settlement. Floyd’s daughter much less by comparison. The young girl who would have been damaged the most by losing her father, received about 12% of what Floyd’s cousins did.

Does that make any sense to you?

Barratry Is About Lawyer Misconduct

Some people might think, “yeah but they got paid, so what did it harm?” You may think that the Floyd family was granted a lot of money and you may think they deserve it. But if Ben Crump commits barratry, what else might he do? Also, it’s against his professional code of conduct. He also happens to make 30% commission on these settlements. That means he could have made about $15,000,000 when it’s all said and done. Barratry is a means for dirty lawyers to make gross sums of money they don’t deserve. Because if Floyd’s accidental death had a legitimate settlement claim, there should have at least been a competition for which attorney got the opportunity.

Instead, Crump minimally cheated, and possibly staged this event for his own benefit.

The families are irrelevant to him.

Who Do You Think Pays These Settlements, Anyway?

The city of Minneapolis taxpayers pay this settlement. If a Ben Crump case is against a city; they pay. If it’s against a homeowner’s association; they pay. So in the case of George Floyd, the city of Minneapolis was destroyed by riots over the case. They have to pay that back. Then they were ravaged by COVID-19 lies. More damage. On top of all of that they have to pay $27,000,000 to people who already received about $20,000,000 in GoFundMe donations. Do you really think that’s justice? If Crump wasn’t involved and making a nightmare out of this with the press, the settlement would have been much less, but it might have gone to the children of this man instead of his cousins.

Depending on how you look at it, there are a few victims here.

But the perpetrator is Ben Crump.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl