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Chauvin Will Not Be Found Guilty & Anybody That Knows About Ben Crump Knows That

Chauvin will not be found guilty. Let me just end the suspense right there.

I covered this at length in my book The Digital Lynching of George P. Floyd but I’ll articulate the simple facts here. You can either do your own research, read my book, or ignore it. But it was a predictable situation.

For anybody that is familiar with attorney Ben Crump, his cases always go this way. The formula is, Crump commits an act of barratry (ambulance chasing) to illegal obtain clients after horrible accidents or negligent deaths.

Then he makes a huge media publicity stunt out of it. That generates income in the form of donations into a variety of funnels. GoFundMe pages, charitable organizations, non-profits, etc. He even sets these up for clients within days of announcing he’s representing them. After ginning up sympathy for the families and funneling money into these accounts, he also goes after the city or whoever he can on a civil case. In those cases he usually wins about $2,000,000 in settlement which turns into $600,000 of his commissions. Not bad for a few days of dishonest work.

But then something always happens which disappoints and confuses people. The criminal cases always get thrown out. Or the cops are let off as not guilty. Why? Ben Crump makes it so with his efforts in the media by making it impossible to have an actual trial. I’ll explain more below.

Chauvin Will Not Be Found Guilty Because It Clearly Wasn’t Murder. It Was More Likely A Suicide By Proxy

I detail this in my book, but basically Floyd fits the psychological profile of a person who would commit suicide by proxy. His actions leading up to the officers confronting him do too. The reason I originally published his mugshots was to humanize him as a man, who had committed crime. Not a dummy, either. That’s the thing most liberals miss. They only want their dead martyred black man to be a former thug turned God-fearing reformer.

But in reality this is a guy who had been to prison. He had sold drugs. In his life he even robbed people. While everybody who opposes me thinks that I think this justifies his death, that’s wrong. It only demonstrates that he knew what was going to happen to him if he stayed in his car. He knew the police would arrive. He wanted that confrontation. In fact, afterwards, it was obvious he planned to resist despite witnesses begging him to stop.

While everybody who watched Darnella Frazier’s video thinks they saw a murder, she wasn’t even so sure. If you watch & listen to the entire video from her you’ll hear that she and others say things like “he’s damn near dead bro,” or they say if he isn’t now he will be. But they are not definitive because they couldn’t be definitive. He also was still moving enough to hold Chauvin’s hand as he was being placed in the hospital. Furthermore, the actual medical examiner’s report & declared death time suggest Floyd was worked on in the ambulance. In fact he didn’t die on the scene at all.

This evidence will be presented to a jury and demonstrate, along with a lot of other information, shows Chauvin definitely didn’t murder Floyd.

Every Piece Of Substantive Evidence Has Been Tampered With

This one is simple, and consistent throughout similar cases. Virtually all the most substantive evidence in this case was released to the public. This was done with the illusion of “transparency.” But in reality, the news ends up editing clips, manipulating them (even basic things like re-sizing), and otherwise altering them from their first form. That’s tampering. It is definitely not something any news organization has been charged with. But if you can’t have any evidence that has never been manipulated, it can end up inadmissible. Whether it is literally thrown out, most evidence like this gets rendered unusable in a court case.

Jury Selection Is Impossible

Chauvin will not be found guilty because juries don’t determine guilt based on the scant evidence you saw in this case. They will learn as much or more about it than anybody. But most people know nothing about it at all.

Similar to the evidence, jurors need to be impartial to perform their duty. If a case is known by every American prior to it coming to trial, and all the evidence has been released, jury selection is impossible. They may actually pick a jury, but those people will be tainted. There is no way for the jury to be selected anywhere without them knowing who George Floyd is. Also they will have seen all the evidence already. That makes it hard to tell any other story besides the one that you’ve already heard. In the end, these juries can’t be trusted to render a proper decision. Inevitably these juries rule that they don’t have enough evidence to prove murder. Also, the victim’s family has already received financial restitution. If they are given more financial restitution it’s the city who has to pay for it.

Chauvin Will Not Be Found Guilty, And You Should Blame Crump, Not Trump – This Time

Despite the fact that Trump was used as a scapegoat for everything (racism, sexism, police brutality, etc) it’s time to get real about who your enemy is. If you hate the idea that a dirty cop would be let off the hook, in this case you need to direct your anger towards Ben Crump. Ben Crump intends to do this. He wants it to happen. If rioting occurred as a result of Chauvin being found not guilty, it would ensure that Crump gets more clients next time. He pretends to be a civil rights lawyer. But in reality he is an accident attorney.

No different than the creepy ambulance chasers you see on TV, in one sense. To his credit, he’s the most famous one of his kind. A true innovator that’s for sure. But he’ll never do anything for anyone else. This man is incredibly selfish, and deceitful. The way he obtained Floyd’s family as clients was by breaking his professional duty.

He knows this.

Yet we live in a world where criminality like this gets a free pass if it isn’t caught & called out. So I’m calling him out about it. The people of Minneapolis need to investigate him, and ensure they don’t fund his debauchery. Chauvin will not be found guilty for a lot of reasons. For one he isn’t guilty. But even if he were guilty, as other cops could be in similar situations, Crump’s cases don’t go that way.

Matt Berman

Matt Berman

Matt has been an artist since he was a child: dancing, illustrating, writing, and producing music. In business, Matt is a master strategist, and expert in communications. He combines his creative passions with his diligence as a professional to give clients a fierce competitive advantage in any circumstance. He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from Temple University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattebphl