Do You Value Yourself?

How do you value yourself?

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Is your value based on your health? Wealth? Social media makes it seem like value is found on a shelf. Put in digital filing cabinets with minimal friction like felt. Whatever happened to living life in stealth? Anyone think it might just be too early to tell? What the hell. Ad buyers hear you coming as they ring the dinner bell. Bought and paid for by a monolith without knowing what they’re trying to sell. Private companies like Dell, they get valued by their revenue as well. Less about stock trading which can be manipulative as well.

Do you value the truth?

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Is it novel to you? Will you read it soon? Like newspapers printed in Ruins. Ancient athletics painting the room. Bob, jab, weave, and move! Losing your mind from trying to read all the clues. Acting confident when you don’t know what to do. Gotta find somebody to tell, but who? What’ve you got to lose? What’ve you got to prove? Put yourself in my socks while I’m changing my shoes. Don’t forget to say goodbye before you leave the room. Passive aggression never builds anything that can last more than a few…

Days. Weeks. Months. Years.

Waiting around to hear from your peers. Peering eyes cry from cutting onions and pears. How will you fare if you have to fair your hair to fit in there? Old English expressions are getting harder to steer. New directions for everything without a care. They’ll strip you of everything until you’re bare. Doesn’t matter if it’s fair, you’ll still lose it in your chair. They’ll kick the legs from out from under you if you try hard not to stare. It’s like a Clockwork Orange situation with the People Under The Stairs.

Words. Sentences. Paragraphs.

So ridiculous you just had to laugh. Some think it’s easy to discern the conscious from the daft. It’s not, but you can ask. What would happen if a trade war had a draft? Friends and enemies are hard to discern when we all wear a mask. Fast ones pulled so quickly it would make you gasp. It’s been hard to grasp. After the speeches are done if you wouldn’t mind, please clap. If you don’t, it will hurt their feelings oh so bad. If you haven’t heard, they really just can’t handle that…

Up. Down. Left. Right…

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Putting up a fight. So many perspectives are shared with simple light. Held within 5 inches of my sight. Algorithms now can tell me who’s my type. They are logging keystrokes as I type. All their music’s over-hyped. I can’t tell you what it’s like, to live this kind of life. You have to see for yourself if you dare to take the flight. Flying high above the night. When day time comes around again you have to rise and face the plight.

It’s hard to keep things straight, when all you hear is hate. When hate’s confused with arguments for goodness sake. It’s impossible to take.

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