Ten Kelly

The Visionary

With A Heart of Gold

When I was growing up, I heard the story of how my grandmother was not allowed to have a seat at the table in her family business, because she was a woman. This inspired me to launch this company with my husband. As CEO, I make sure our seats stay at the table. During this journey I’ve helped all kinds of people tell their story, from nuns to Navy SEALs.

I have an insatiable urge to learn too, so I’ve made sure to experiment with every medium of media-making I can get my hands on: graphic design, fabrication, music, film, and even virtual reality. This company means a lot to me and I’ve gone through a lot to keep it independent, and original. Though I have extensive experience working in marketing departments, I do not follow trends anymore, I set them.

Matt X

The OG

With A Steel Backbone

At 4 years old I knew my life was going to be about making art. I learned then, through dancing barefoot to Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” cassette tape, that music especially could change the world. Over the past 30 years I have learned to play dozens of musical instruments, illustrate and design graphics, blow glass, cast metal, make jewelry, publish books, sculpt with wood, perform live, produce events, write scripts, and lead cultural movements. My life and making art are indistinguishable to me.

The purpose of art to me is to impact society in such a way that the world becomes more like how the artist sees life, and less the way it was before the artist arrived. When I see an injustice in the world I do not forget easily. Whether expressing myself as an individual, or working with brands to produce content that touches people deeply, I take my craft seriously and only work on things that really matter to me. But if I’m on the project, you better believe it’s going to be dope.

A Window To The Past

Cultivating Our Spec Process

Creating an emotional or social impact with media is a labor of love that all starts with an idea. We have collaborated with other screenwriters, directors, music supervisors, illustrators/animators, sound designers, and other creators. As Executive Producers of development, our role was to assess the marketability of TV, film, music, or other entertainment concepts. That includes analyzing storylines for where they fit in the cultural landscape, shaping characters, and budgeting production for investors. This period of time taught us how to hone dreams into real things that people believe in. Brand marketers know the power of entertainment as well, and we are built to help bring those visions to life.


TV & Film Projects


Brand Concepts

Cultural immersion, brand documentary, video storytelling.


We create marketable entertainment

After 8 years of fighting for our spot, we have emerged as a rock solid team with a studio full of all the tools we need. It has taken us a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. If you want to know more about our past work, or how we made it here, all you have to do is ask. But more importantly, be on the lookout for all the new and exciting media we have coming out.

WBENC Certified WBE since 2020

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